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Featured Linens & Accessories

  • Crib Ensemble with Embroidered Sailboat

    Crib Ensemble with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Crib Skirt with Embroidered Sailboat

    Crib Skirt with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Boudoir Pillow with Embroidered Sailboat

    Boudoir Pillow with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Coverlet with Embroidered Sailboat

    Coverlet with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Musical Pillow with Embroidered Sailboat

    Musical Pillow with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Toy Bag with Embroidered Sailboat

    Toy Bag with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Diaper Stacker with Embroidered Sailboat

    Diaper Stacker with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Duvet Cover with Embroidered Sailboat

    Duvet Cover with
    “Embroidered Sailboat”

  • Fitted Crib Sheet in blue Checker

    Fitted Crib Sheet
    in blue “Checker”

Crib Bumper with “Embroidered Sailboat”

Warranty Information

Adorned with elegant, gentle waves all around, three large sailboats and one whimsical “Blowing Wind”, the Crib Bumper is tailor made in our soft, white, quilted “Honeycomb” piqué. The charming, nautical designs are skillfully sewn by embroidery artisans using the centuries old technique of hand guided Bonnaz embroidery.

Our Crib Bumpers are 12'' high, full length, and have
5/8'' white grosgrain ribbon ties or custom fabric ties on every
partition, top and bottom, to secure the Crib Bumper to
the crib.

Inside each densely padded Crib Bumper are two layers of
bonded polyester for superior protection.

Crib Bumpers are made to order for standard 28" x 52" cribs, unless otherwise requested. For custom tie placement, please provide the make and model of your crib below.

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“Embroidered Sailboat, Waves, and Blowing Winds”
in hand guided Bonnaz embroidery; available in any color

white, quilted piqué; 65% cotton/35% poly
(also available in 100% cotton “Primel” piqué)

Please select options, additional linens & accessories below.

Protective and beautiful, our Crib Bumper is also available in alternate piqués and Bonnaz embroidery colors of your choice.

All of our Crib Bumpers are made to order and custom tailored. In addition to the ruffled design featured here,
Crib Bumpers are available tailored with piping or flanges.

Please select options, additional linens & accessories below.